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Don't waste time looking for a suitable product and experimenting with curly hair care. We will do it for you.

 Don’t waste time looking 

for a suitable product 

and experimenting with curly hair care. 

We will do it for you


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We will help you to

We make a plan

Part of the consultation is an entry questionnaire, which the client fills out. We will then evaluate it and create an individual tailor-made plan. In fact, caring for curly hair is much easier than it may seem. You are guaranteed to achieve this with us.

Choose products

Our value is to take care of your hair with the help of natural products. We avoid harmful synthetic ingredients and silicones.

Save money

You stop wasting money experimenting with inappropriate products.

Save time

You will no longer have to spend hours searching for unverified information on the Internet. You will get a plan from us that is guaranteed to suit you.

Love curls

You will enjoy beautiful groomed curls that children will be justifiably proud of.

How do we consult?


We create all our consultations individually according to your needs. We emphasize a personal approach and long-term care.


The length of individual consultations depends on your needs. We know from experience that an hour is an ideal time to explain everything.


The consultations take place either as an online meeting, by telephone or through another communication channel according to the client's preference.

Client reviews



20eur / 30 MIN
  • Analysis of existing products
  • Hair type determination
  • Recommendation of suitable products
  • Creation a hair care plan


36EUR /60 MIN
  • Analysis of existing products
  • Hair type determination
  • Recommendation of suitable products
  • Creation of hair plan
  • Q&A
  • Manual for FREE

Markéta Jelenová

Expert for curly nad kinky hair

For mothers I consult, I analyze existing products, help determine hair type, select the right tailor-made products, teach how often and how to use them, and explain what belongs to hair and what doesn’t.

Only mom can learn and pass on skills

and only you can teach your children how to take the best care of your curls.

Were you satisfied with my consultation?

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